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DavaIndia Franchise – DavaIndia Franchise cost, Profitability and How to Apply

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Are you looking for DavaIndia Franchise or DavaIndia Franchise cost?

if you are thinking to open medical Store in your city with DavaIndia Franchise and there are some questions related to its franchise.

Like – DavaIndia Franchise Cost, how much place to open the store, how to apply etc. You will get complete information of DavaIndia franchise in this article.

What is DavaIndia and who is founder of DavaIndia?

DavaIndia is an online pharmacy brand of Zota Healthcare. Zota Healthcare is a Medicine Manufacture Company.

This company was founded by Mr. Ketan Jota Zota . Zota Healthcare is an Indian company and also listed at the National Stock Exchange.

DavaIndia is a very fast growing generic pharmacy chain brand.

DavaIndia is selling allopathic and Ayurvedic medicines through its website and mobile application as well as selling surgical items, OTC products (Everyday Home goods), cosmetic accessories and protein supplements.

Grate Cricketer Kapil Dev is DavaIndia generic Medicine Company’s Brand Ambassador.

What is Generic Medicines?

Generic Medicine is a medicine that is sold from the medicine Salts name.

Paracetamol Salts work in head Pain or Fever, then the company which sells it only by paracetamol, is called generic medicines.

And when someone sells it by the brand name then they are called branded medicines.

Paracetamol medicine is sold by by reputed companies with the name of Crocin or by the name of Dolo . This medicine will be called branded medicine.

Generic medicines prices are highly lower than branded medicines. while the salts of medicines are alike.

99% online pharmacy companies sell branded medicines in online pharmacy business.

Generic medicines are cheap by 90% of branded medicines.

DavaIndia tries to provide generic medicines to the people.

What is DavaIndia Generic Pharmacy Franchise?

Today, All companies is making good efforts to reach good facilities to the people.

In same line, DavaIndia also increase their network in country by giving their franchise.

At present, there are 550 DavaIndia franchise store and more than 15 million are customer of DavaIndia.

Types of DavaIndia Franchise Modal

The company is giving its 2 kind franchise

1- DavaIndia Retail Franchise
2- DavaIndia Signature Franchise

There are different requirements of the company for both franchise.

How much space required for DavaIndia franchise?

If you want to open DavaIndia Retail Franchise then you should have the shop up to at least 120 to 200 square feet and if you want to open DavaIndia Signature Franchise, you must have at least 600 square feet shop.

How Much Davainindia Franchise fees cost in Rupees?

DavaIndia has different franchise fees for different franchisee.
For DavaIndia Retail Franchise fees – Rs 60,000
for DavaIndia Signature Franchise fees – 1,20,000

How Much DavaIndia Franchise Cost In India?

DavaIndia Franchise Cost depends on you have your shop or not. DavaIndia Franchise Cost will look high if you do not have your own shop.

Your total franchise cost comes from 4 to 5 lakhs in the DavaIndia Retail Franchise, from which you have to give 60 thousand franchise fees and 1 lakh 50 thousand goods.from the remaining amount is expend on Interior Designing, Fridge and Other Things.

DavaIndia Retail Franchise Cost – 4 to 5 Lakhs

DavaIndia signature franchise cost – 10 to 11 Lakhs

In the signature franchise of DavaIndia, the total franchise cost comes from 10 to 11 lakhs, from which you have to give 1 lakh 20 thousand rupees to the DavaIndia company and giving 4 lakh rupees for the store’s goods. from the remaining amount is expend on Interior Designing, Fridge and Other Things.

Profitability of DavaIndia Franchise In India?

Today, the pharmacy has become a huge business in the whole world.

Someone member of every house has become a disease. everyman is not so rich. Generic Medicine is very affordable and beneficial.

Private medical and online pharmacy do not want to sell these Generic medicines.

If you do business to sell generic medicine by taking DavaIndia’s franchise then you will also get online orders with the help of DavaIndia’s online systems.

Earning From Davainindia Franchise Cost?

How much you earn from Davainindia Franchise. it depends on how much sales on your store. Average Margin of DavaIndia’s Retail Franchise up to 25% while DavaIndia Signature Franchise is up to 40%.

How to apply for DavaIndia franchise?

You can apply online for DavaIndia Franchise.


Corporate Office Address

Address- Davainindia Corporate Office- 1, Near Batliboi, Unity Industrial Estate, Pandesara, Udhna, Surat, Gujarat 394210
+ 91-728 485 8584

Email: care@DavaIndia.com
MOBILE- + 91-8471009009

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