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Domino’s Franchise in India – Cost, Profit and How to apply

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Are you looking for Domino’s franchise in India?

If you are thinking of taking Domino’s Franchise in India and you want to know how to open Domino’s restaurant and how much it will be profitable for you and whom to contact for this then you will get this complete information in this article.

About Domino’s company

Domino’s is an American fast food company.

Dominos company was founded in 1960, whose main fast food is pizza.

Domino’s is famous all over the world for its tasty pizza.

Today, Domino’s Pizza has over 17000 restaurants running all over the world.

Apart from Domino’s Pizza, it also serves a variety of food items to its customers like – Pasta, Chicken Wings, Sandwiches and Desserts.

In 1996, Domino’s Pizza gave India’s Jubilant Food works company a master franchise of Domino’s Pizza under which anyone who wants to open Domino’s Pizza Restaurant in India, Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka will have to contact the Jubilant Food works company.

The idea of ​​the popularity of Domino’s Pizza in India can be gauged by the fact that today Domino’s Pizza has about 1373 restaurants in 300 cities in India.

How Domino’s opens its restaurant in India ?

Domino’s Pizza don’t need an identity. Today the whole world knows Domino’s Pizza.

Today the other name of pizza in the whole world is Domino’s.

Domino’s Company is opening its restaurant in 2 ways.

1- Domino’s Own Restaurant

The first way to open a restaurant of the company is that it opens its own restaurant by applying its own cost.

Currently, Domino’s opening most of its new restaurants from this method.

Domino’s open its Domino’s Pizza Restaurant in every city Due to the increasing demand for Domino’s Pizza. Dominos send their field team for survey to the city in which the company wants to open their restaurant.

Domino’s hire a place on rent at a good location in that city and opens your own Domino’s Restaurant by applying your own cost.

If you have your own building at a good location in your city, then you may give it to Domino’s Pizza Company on rent. You can get good rent from domino’s company.

Although the rent varies according to every city, but usually it is around 150 to 250 rupees per square feet.

Domino’s require about 1000 to 1500 square feet area for its restaurant.

2- Restaurant Through Franchise

The other way of Domino’s is that it opens its restaurant through the franchise.

For the franchise, the company has its own conditions such as investment, restaurant location, royalty fees, etc.

If a person meets these conditions and agrees to these conditions then he can open the restaurant of Domino’s Pizza.

When a person has to open a Domino’s Pizza restaurant in his city, then he would email details of his project to the company the.

How much space will be required for Domino’s Franchise in India?

How much space is required for Domino’s Restaurant depends on which location you are opening the restaurant.

If you are opening a restaurant inside the city, then you should have 1000 to 1500 square feet of space and if you are open it on a highway of the city then you should have 5000 to 6000 square feet of space.

while opening a restaurant, Domino’s also pays great attention to whether there is a parking arrangement or not.

There should not be any government dispute at the place where you are thinking of opening a restaurant and all the documents of that place are completed.

How much Domino’s franchise cost in India?

For opening a restaurant of Domino’s Pizza, the company has to deposit franchise fees, which are non-refundable.

These franchise fees range from 65 lakh to 2 crores .

The franchise fee also depends on the level of the restaurant.

There are many costs are included in this cost.

Like – Franchise Fees, computer, bill printer, Interior designing, Table chair, Big Automatic Baking Machine, Baking and serving equipment’s, Big Air conditions, Domino’s Pizza App support for online orders, Promotion of your Restaurant, Fridge for cooldrinks , many other expenses.

What are the Domino’s Royalty Fees and what are the other expenses of Domino’s Restaurant?

After getting Domino’s Pizza franchise, the company charges royalty fees from you which is around 5.50% of the total sales of the restaurant.

In addition to this, Domino’s also charge promotion fees because the company spends the most on brand promotion.

What is the total Domino’s Franchise Cost?

you have to invest only two places for Domino’s franchise.
first, franchise cost and
Second, for Plot or building.

If you already have a building then you will not have to invest in the building.

Profitability of Domino’s franchise ?

If you are thinking of opening Domino’s Pizza Restaurant and you have the ability to invest so much, then this is a very good business idea.

Now the question arise how much profit you can earn from it. It depends on the sales of your restaurant.

We will try to get an idea for you by an example.
Suppose your restaurant is selling 100 pizzas in total daily and on average one pizza is 400,
then your one day sale was 40,000 rupees in this way.
40,000 * 30 = 12,00,000
sales is the cost of making Pizza around 35% i.e.
12,00,000 * 35% = 4,20,000
Gross Profit = 7,80,000
Other expenses Royalty fees
12,00,000 * 5.50% = 66,000
Staff salary 15000 * 5 = 75,000
Light exp. = 15000
Miss. expenses = 50000
Total Expenses = Around 2,00,000 Rupees
Net Profit = 7,80,000 – 2,00,000 = 5,80,000 Rupees.

This way you can earn up to till about 6 lakh rupees per month. On Saturdays, Sundays, Festivals and other special days, your sales may boosted.

How to apply for Domino’s Pizza franchise in India

1- First of all go to the official website of Jubilant Food Works
2- Click on the Brands button here
3- Click here on franchise information and send full information of your project to the email id given here.
4- If you want, you can also contact the corporate office of the company.

Contact details of Domino’s corporate office

Jubilant Food Works Limited 5th floor,
Tower D, Plot No. 5 , Logix Techno Park ,
Sector 127, Noida – 201304, UP, India
Phone- + 91-120-4090500 Fax – + 91-120-4090599
Email Id for Franchise – Domino’s.franchise@jublfood.com
Domino’s India website – www.Dominos.co.in

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