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Tea Time Franchise – Cost, Profitability and How to Apply

Are you looking for Tea Time franchise?

If it is talked about the most drinking thing after the water in our country, it will not be wrong to say that 90 percent of people in our country drink tea everyday.

There is a craziness for tea in Indian Public . Today, India is the biggest consumer of tea.

Earlier, if someone want to drink tea then he go to the small stall of tea but today the business is becoming modern. Now There are many good branded tea stalls.

Where drinking tea is also a status symbol. There is not only one type of tea here. There are many flavors in tea which are very liked by the people.

you can open your Tea Time Outlet by taking Tea Time Franchise in your city. it is a business in which the customer starts coming from the first day.


TEA TIME was founded by Srinivas Tangila in Hyderabad.

Company has opened more than 1,000 outlets of Tea Time in their 2-3 years tenure.

You will get many premium variations of tea and milkshake. Price Range at TEA TIME Outlet lives up to Rs 99 to Rs 99

How much Space required for Tea Time franchise?

For Tea Time Franchise, you should have your shop, otherwise you will hire a shop.

These shops should not be less than 100 Square feet.

The shop should be on such location where, there are bus stands, railway stations, highways, hospitals, markets or colleges, because there are many customers.

How much Tea Time franchise cost?

For this, you will have to invest Rs. 4.25 lakh.

From the same amount, the company designs the interior of your outlet.

Company also provide all the tools such as refrigerators, deep freezers, stoves, utensils and also gives initial stocks to start business.

How many employees should be for Tea Time Franchise?

its not fixed but For this, 2 to 3 employees will need.

What will take training for Tea Time Franchise?

For this, the company gives training to Franchise Owner or its staff. this training period is 3 days.

How much is Profit Margin in Tea Time Franchise?

According to the company, Profit Margin has different in all products, these profit margin is up to 40% to 80%

How much is fully ready Tea Time franchise cost ?

If the shop is its own then your cost will be 4.25 lakh and if the shop is not yours, you will have to take the shop on rent or buy.

How to apply for Tea Time Franchise?

You can apply online for Tea Time Franchise


If you wish, you can also contact the company from Direct.

Desi Tea Time Pvt. Ltd.
G1, A Block, Amrutha enclave,
Road No 14, Banjara Hills,
Hyderabad – 500 034,
Telangana, India
Phone Number :
+91 9577662211
+91 9673645678
+91 9685667676

Tea Time Franchise Menu List

Tea Time Specials

  • DUM TEA                             Rs. 10
  • KULLAD TEA                       Rs. 20
  • GREEN TEA                          Rs. 25
  • BLACK TEA                            Rs. 10
  • MASALA TEA                         Rs. 15
  • LEMON TEA                           Rs. 15
  • GINGER LEMON TEA          Rs. 15


  • OLD COFFEE                          Rs. 49
  • MATKA LASSI                         Rs. 45
  • FIZI MOJITO                           Rs. 45
  • WATER MELON                      Rs. 30
  • MINT LIME COOLER             Rs. 35C

Premium Shakes

  • MULBERRY SHAKE        Rs. 99
  • PISTA SHAKE                    Rs. 99
  • ITALIAN SHAKE              Rs. 99
  • ROYAL DATES                  Rs. 99
  • CRANBERRY SHAKE       Rs. 99
  • BAN THE BANANA          Rs. 99
  • STAR BLAST SHAKE       Rs. 99


Milk Shakes

  • MANGO MILK SHAKE       Rs. 49
  • OREO MILK SHAKE           Rs. 49
  • VANILLA SHAKE                 Rs. 49
  • STRAWBERRY SHAKE       Rs. 49
  • CHOCOLATE SHAKE          Rs. 49

Flavored Milks

  • CHILLED BADAM MILK          Rs. 35
  • ROSE MILK          Rs. 35

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